My land…Spain

The land of the wild bulls,
The land of the poor,
The land of the……

My land
i´m here to stand
prefer the U.S
but this is my best

My land
great at party
eating quite hearty
hard to find a job-y

My land
i even fought for this one
but now i´m done
time to hit a home run

My land
26% unemployment
but happy people all over with enjoyment
we are kind of crazy

Prefer the U.S
but i´m stuck in this fuss
and like it or not is….

My land, Spain! where…
if you dare to take the bulls away from Spain we will cause you pain.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

3 thoughts on “My land…Spain

    • I can guarantee you that here in Spain it is going to get worst, 26% unemployment and that is the official numbers the government gives away the unofficial is probably in the mid 30´s. And you guys get mad that your unemployment is at 8%, plus the poverty line in the U.S you consider it to be people making 15,000$ a year if I´m not wrong, well here if you make 1,000$ a month you are actually considered lucky, so 12,000$ a year you can live pretty good and even save for a vacation. Believe me you guys have it quite nice, I know the U.S is not perfect but it certainly beats Spain.

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      • 8% is a lie. People lost unemployment after five years. On welfare. USA had more folks not working than working. Detroit had 70% unemployment. Not a safe place to roam. I feel if we don’t get control of money(World). All of us will go down.


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