Here’s a thought from me to you,

nothing equally divides by two,

the perception of equality,

gets crossed up with duplicity,

dishonesty, epiphanies,

the tattered wings of chivalry,

a vicious cycle gets pursued,

and chased down like a dog in heat;

Once again I’m on the move,

the disappointment is nothing new,

please don’t take it personally,

it’s not like you meant much to me,

complacency, mentalities,

the monarch of totality,

without a thing to prove,

the crumbled teeth of dishonesty,

In the mouth of a comical stooge.

No Room For.

Mocking Bird Down

If my skin were translucent..

you  would see the demons,
that chisel away at my heart,

The monsters that tear at my mind,
day in
day out
day in
day out


You think I am strong because
I am charismatic and because you
have seen me fight.

I am strong because getting up
in the morning
with a purpose other than hating myself
and the blackness that lives inside me
requires that I

day in
day out
day in

day out
morning after night
night after morning.


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