About The Writers

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About The Writers:

This blog represents a handful of different authors; as diverse as they come, but with one major thing in common: a love for the elegance of the written word. We are made up of bad ass dudes that write bad ass poetry and prose; and lethal literary lady snipers.

In no particular order:

Charly Priest:
After a ten year hiatus of not writing I´m back to what I really love, and relatively new to a whole new world called social media. The blog ranges from poems ,stories,some flash fiction to my outrageous thoughts about things,people, society, and me. I feel like I´m really late to the party being 31 and discover there is such thing called twitter. But better late than never. A relatively novice writer, a thinker, trying often to play with the absurd to make it sound rational and sometimes I get serious. I have an ironic-sarcastic-dark sense of humour that can be insulting for some and funny to others. More about me here.

The bare bones bottom line of who I am is this: I am 50 years old, a mom who has two sons – one 17, the other 20 – divorced. Who am I really? Take the core of the first sentence and add someone who is trying to figure out her path in a life that is so full of too much ‘stuff’. That would be me. Visit my blog here.

H. M. Nolan:
I love all monsters, mutants, aliens and mythical creatures. In comparison I find most humans rather dull. I write mostly dark urban fantasy with a light spattering of horror. You also may find a little bit of poetry here and there, although that can be a bit of a hit or miss.

I grew up in Wisconsin and lived in Florida for almost ten years. I currently live outside of Las Vegas, much to my dismay. Although the weather is nice and there’s plenty of desert space to bury the bodies.

Besides writing I also like to paint poorly, drink champagne, eat Mexican food, and read comic books. Sometimes all at once.

I love plaid and mohawks and people that laugh at my jokes. I hate finger lickers, chick flicks, and people that don’t laugh at my jokes.

I share the same birth date as King Henry VIII which explains why I love a good be-heading and I hope to die fat and crazy just like him. In a previous life I was a Pharaoh in Egypt but I don’t have any evidence besides I love the Mummy movies so you’re just going to have to take my word for it.

There’s not a whole lot in life I take seriously, including myself. Life is too short for that. Visit my blog here.

Chainsaw Penguin:
I am a husband,  father,  and poet who loves writing,  the act of writing, and penguins. It was my brother who first, as he wrote short stories while growing up, inspired me to write, a talent I thank God constantly for blessing me with. My greatest literary influences would be Edgar Allan Poe, H. P.  Lovecraft,  and Shakespeare (his poems not his plays). Inspirations include my beautiful wife and daughter, my music,  my cats, and nature in all its glorious beauty. My goal as a writer is pretty much just to add as much beauty to the world as I can,  seeing as it can be such an awful place, and if I can just make one persons day better I will have reached that goal.Visit my blog here.

Jarrod C:
Armed with the Southern charm of yesteryear, I hail from the beautiful and mystical Savannah, Georgia. I grew up in Louisiana and armed with a dream, moved to Virginia where I currently reside. My interests are eclectic and vary from writing, poetry, acting, theater, and gardening to muscle cars, lifting weights, running, heavy metal and hard rock music, and firearms. I am never stuck in neutral and always moving forward. Armed with a .38 special, a dose of Southern hospitality, and what I am told is the bluest eyes you have ever seen, I look forward to meeting you, sharing ideas, and living life my way.

Vivere est cogitare (To live is to think)
Visit my blog here

Americana Injustica:
Survivor, Cut-Throat, Sharp-shooter, Writer, Ink Fiend, Human Being;
110% disinterested in online haters and/or drama, trendy cyber-viruses and shallow people; I’m not particularly interested in awards and recognition…I like to avoid the bullshit…I’m allergic to bullshit. Visit my blog here.

Paris Poems:
I have discovered a new found passion for writing poetry. I also write on twitter @free2Bpoems. But, occasionally need more words to convey the feelings and thoughts of my poems. So, welcome to Paris Poems…where I hope to engage your emotions so that you will want to return again. Newly published by Fray’d Tag Publishing in the Best of 2014 Poetry Anthology, available January 2015.  Visit my blog here:

Mocking Bird Down / Bear Trainer:
I write because I breathe. I am South African, and am the one most likely to punch someone in the nose. Writing is an outlet, and mercifully so. I first started a blog to be able to put words to events in my life that changed me – and have found like minded minds, and a restored love of poetry and being able to put into words the emotions that would otherwise become toxic and end up being the reason someone loses teeth.

My motto, which I will take to my grave is ‘Say what you mean, and mean what you say’.

THIS BLOG IS AN AWARD -FREE BLOG; we thank you for your continued visits and support of our group anyway, and respectfully deny the acceptance of any blog awards.

We are not a “club” or any type of capitalists institution; we support poetry in its every form and simply wish to collectively post here. Thank you for visiting and we hope you come back again!


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