Weekly writing challenge May 11

Why does sunset come so early
Creeping stealthily, but occurring rapidly
Denying the beauty of a life yet to live
All becoming harsh shades of silver and grey
How to beat back the sweeping of night
Fight the snuffing of all light
Courage, hope and faith
That’s all that’s left
For a soul bereft

©Paris Poems 2015

No. 77

Mocking Bird Down


Pick me up in stages,
let my knuckles drag,
and my head drop and loll,
mouth open, struggling to breathe.
Let my eyes roll back,
and wait for my pulse to become
so feint..
that the fingers pressed
to my neck would have to be so still
just to feel any signs of life.
Hide and seek with timing,
and the only evidence lies
in how fast the blood dries up
and clots.
And then ask me.
Do you want to live?

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You Will Die. I Will Not Cry.

Mocking Bird Down


I am a collection of days,
the pendant trophy that hangs
around your neck.
I am the melted down knight chess piece,
that you reshaped to be a pawn,
to carry in your pocket for good luck.
I am the empty space, that fills your mind
right before you blow out that candle,
and remember what you did, before closing your eyes.
I am the memory, that sticks to your clothes
and is etched into the lines in your hands,
that no longer serve you as they used to.
I am the girl that is now a woman,
and you are the old man that is now a shell
of the demon you used to be.
I will be there, the day you die, surrounded
by tubes and drips. I will be the last face you see,
and I will take that trophy back.
Because I lived.
And you, you…

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~Don’t Despair~

Unintentional hurt
Is hurt all the same
I felt your heart
When it broke in twain
Brick by brick
You started your wall
Mortared tight to prevent
Further fall
Don’t shut me out
You mean more to me
Than words could express
You are my friend
The very best
Please let me still be yours
Please don’t shut that door
Let me help
Let’s find a way
We’ll make lists
Don’t let this
Be all there is to say
Don’t despair
Don’t give in to fear
Let’s fight and win

©Paris Poems 2015