Living Life Lifelessly – Alliteration Challenge

Another piece for the challenge for the week of July 5th.

The Haunted Lullaby


Battle brews beyond boundaries,

Heart held hostage,

Fear forms frozen feelings,

Winds whip wild whispers,

Same situation, same story,

Earning early endings,

Order of only one,

Living life lifelessly.

Another piece for the Beasts of Articulationalliteration challenge for the week of July 5th!


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Yes, I’m an Addict

The Haunted Lullaby


Yes, it is true,

I am an addict,

Writing here,

Showcasing for all of you.

All the world may be a stage,

Hosting actors in a play,

But the canvass is my page,

I’ll make the words dance today,

Believe me reader,

I’ve something to say.

The words dance and turn,

Up from my spirit they burn,

To share my feelings,

Is what I yearn,

Baring my soul,

Writing is my passion,

In it, losing control,

Making me feel safe,

Separating from the outside world.

I’ll paint a picture,

But use no brush,

Trust in me,

I ask so much,

Words are weapons,

Or so they say,

But I won’t let details,

Get in the way,

The words are mine,

The imagery yours,

Your interpretation,

Is what you choose.

So come along,

For this wild ride,

I hope to make you,

Laugh and smile,

Perhaps even cry,

But know here…

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