Here’s a thought from me to you,

nothing equally divides by two,

the perception of equality,

gets crossed up with duplicity,

dishonesty, epiphanies,

the tattered wings of chivalry,

a vicious cycle gets pursued,

and chased down like a dog in heat;

Once again I’m on the move,

the disappointment is nothing new,

please don’t take it personally,

it’s not like you meant much to me,

complacency, mentalities,

the monarch of totality,

without a thing to prove,

the crumbled teeth of dishonesty,

In the mouth of a comical stooge.

The rapist

I´m the unlawful rapist!
words conveying
the ugly saying
sexting while nippling
at ease woman
or I´ll insert the pen
screaming like a wild hen
I´m the unlawful rapist!
and add to the fry
the rapist of words!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses

Reckless serenade

Topless models doing semaphore,
they wave their flags as they pass by
but get ignored…

Reckless serenade

da da da

Instagram picture of face
that has a strange feature and we
hope is no our teacher…

Reckless serenade

da da da

Inside out we have to
shout what all the other passers
by say what a freak of a trout….

Reckless serenade

da da da

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses,