the rhyming

some poets say is the not the way to go
for me I love the flow
I just enjoy it so here I go
hit it!
stick it
slick it
just make it
this is the best
I´m blessed like that big crest
by the way who the fuck wrote the book
on poetry….I´m sure it was honesty in, well
not deep wáter but it was in the grocery,
so kind strange the story.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.




She will,
only become,
aware of,
the severity,
in the things,
that she,
has insistently,
gone and done,
when she admits,
to the obvious shifts,
in the gazes of,
the Almighty Ones;
she will,
finally be outdone,
deep inside of,
the smoking barrel,
of a black market gun,
will she submit,
to the things,
that she’s let,
grow into beasts?
Or will,
the darkness,
swallow her,
in totality,
just to make,
itself regurgitate,
her existence,
the day will come,
a day that makes,
today seem sweet,
like times of joy,
full of ease,
gobble them,
swallow them,
get down,
on your knees,
a day will come,
that defines suffering.

the beasts

The beasts
with much articulation
they do not look for adulation.

Founded writing,
and most important expression.

did build a new small nation,
and also quite realistic.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Battle tested

Take a deep breath,
just so you know, but no
you will never really know
the unforgivable glow
but hold it,
just follow me…. and get up your ass,
no hold it, just let yourself split
in two but try not get yourself glue
just hold it then
you better hope is never
i say whatever
just follow me….
don´t forget to breath
hold strong then
breath in little hen
few percentage are sort
of kind of vintage
latter they are nested
since they´re battle tested!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses

Gotta need for speed!

rapid fire
i desire
idealistic quotations
find them limitations
stacking ammunition
comes fruition
speed I need
to plant this seed
then i say by
i just fly
blue sky
keep it under limitation?
fuck that notion
is just a promotion
fighting with a nut
says a man slut
makes me angrier
like a bull terrier
I just….
gotta need for speed!!!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses