~Crazy Is As Crazy Does~


Alarmingly insightful
Exacting revenge
For no other reason than
Grim satisfaction
Her dementia
Instigating collaboration
Joining forces against her
Knavish kind
Limiting the
Narcissism, the
Objectifying of
Quarreling for the sake of
Ways to speak
Yet comprehending
Zilch about poetry

©Paris Poems 2015
Challenge for May 18, 2015   A-Z
photo of model Sasha Pivovarova for V Magazine
by photographer Mario Testino


Week of May 1st Beasts of Articulation Interactive Challenge – “Duets”.

Week of May 1st Beasts of Articulation Interactive Challenge – “Duets”
For the upcoming week, Beats of Articulation will be posting duets written by members with a Poe-esque feel to them. Look out for them in the week ahead – they will titled accordingly! Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy them! ❤

Sunrise and ADHD.

What does this morning’s dawning want to bring to me?
I could wash the wood floors, or climb a tall tree;
I could force myself to get my lab work done, finally;
Or I could sit on the beach and get stoned, like I want to be.

How’s about the library?
I can read my favorite books endlessly;
Surprise Sensei Han when I show up for karate;
Or just sit on my ass at my desk and write poetry.

Perhaps I will lead, in high speed – at the racetrack, again;
Or maybe shit some overpriced ammo down the drain;
I could always go hiking and get lost in the rain;
I’m partial to the idea of a tattoo gun’s special pain.

Today might be the day I dive for abalone;
Or decide to set my family of society finches free;
I just never know what’s in store for me;
With a mind so confined by its A.D.H.D.