A-Z Challenge – Week of May 18th

For the week of May 18th, the Beasts were challenged to write out the alphabet and use it so that each stanza began with the appropriate letter in sequential order. This challenge was my idea but alas, I can’t take the credit, as I actually got the idea from Blair King at People, Things, and Life.

Besides being an amazing writer, Blair is also a wonderful young lady. I encourage everyone to check out her blog.


An answer held inside,

Buried deep within my heart,

Cradled away from all to see,

Desperate to believe who I can trust,

Everyone turns away,

Further I feel each day,

Got to find the reason,

Have I left it slip away?

I need to find the solution,

Journey away from the division,

Killing away the negativity,

Longing for serenity,

Making the steps,

Not sure why I’m afraid,

Only my feelings,

Put into play,

Quitting will equal nothing,

Running away stumps growth,

So changes must me made,

To find the answers,

Under what rock do they lay?

Very little left to say,

Xenomorphic to my self,

Your life is your own,

Zoetic positive attitude is the key to life.

Weekly Challenge May4 – Duets – “Hell’s Hand Satchels”

Written by Mockingbird Down and Americana Injustica

“Why do we sit at this table, my Friend?
in the back of the bar behind the pirate’s curtain,
I believe that we somehow have each been,
on separate paths to the same trouble, again;
these kinds of places mean only one thing,
the scars on our faces are rather telling,
now let’s drink and divulge in our comradery,
but, why is it that your hands are trembling?”

“Don’t sip so fast, my dear. My hands only
tremble because of the quieted rage I have grabbing
at my chest. Can you see them, love?
The demons of the bastards and the whores as they
laugh and squeal in time to each others bleating?
I have brought us here, for clear and precise reasons,
and your scars will only serve you well by the time
the reckoning has begun. It is a very beautiful night.”

“Aye – you’re right; what a perfected, star-filled sky,
epochs in time, they still shine – a shrine to you and I,
a luminary mapping of the vengeance in your eyes,
a twinkling mirror image of the bastards that must die;
Now sit back and let your chains down, my friend,
indulge in the strength of our unity, once again,
we both know how it goes: it’s us against them,
in an infinite war for the Hell that we find comfort in.”

“You speak truth. I have grown weary of these chains
and the weight they add to my steps. My shoulders have
become accustomed to carrying burden of injustice; Hell’s
hand satchels; filled with the names of the hunted horsemen
who failed to do what we must do. But – I share this load with you;
my kin both in the infected shadows, and in the guileful light.
Intoxication it is, my friend, both of the mind and of the body.
Tonight we watch the stars unfold, and light the way for morning.”