A Deadly Book



A forgotten day finds her,
She remains lost,
In a search for knowledge, sure
There is no cost.
At the end she finds,
There is such a price.
This is her mind
Unraveled with a slice.
This simple cut, a simple lie.
For not knowing sooner,
Darkened her eye,
Unknowingly doomed her.
Through the wrong eyes, one can be turned ferral.
Such dangerous things as knowledge. Be careful!

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Winter Escape



Walking from the ice below,
In the winter I don’t know,
Where next I should go.
Bracing for the light of day,
There are those who might say:
“The night is more familiar. Stay.”
Familiar though it is, I,
Don’t wish to stay in this sky.
The years are many that I’ve tried,
To leave this place. Tomorrow is
My final effort and this:
One last flight for freedoms bliss.

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The Burning House



She was the one who was painted with ash,
Caught in the flames, she knows there’s no escape.
All the walls around her suddenly crash,
There is no worry, that with her she takes.
She doesn’t run. It’s she who set fire.
And now not caring if she lives or dies,
She walks outside as the flames expire.
Knowing he’s in there and dead, she won’t cry,
She’ll search the ashes looking for his ring,
He was the one to leave, now he’s to blame.
She must be certain with the dead he sings,
That he won’t rise and haunt her from the flames.
Sitting down on the curb, waiting for lights
Of red and blue to take and end her life.

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An Angel Fades



At her hand solemnly gazed,
As she slowly began to fade.
Not regretting promises made,
That, on the clouds, were laid.
Hers for many. Her life she gave,
To keep them all out of the grave.
An unknown danger, she did stave,
Not to her, but to those she saved.
On that cloud all the while,
Wishing for naught, but a smile.
On her path, few walk the mile,
And fewer with justice in her style.
Now with only one life to give,
Saddness with one life to live.
But she’s lived more than others did,
Though none will know what she gives.
No one saw her sacrifice today,
She knows none will see her fade. There will not be anyone to say:
“Thank you” before she goes away.
Solitary from her eye,
Grief within her made her cry,
And before her tears could dry,
She passed into dust, out…

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Folly of man

the folly of man
has already began
since the time´s of the long last land
knocking on our doors
that has been a constant,
throughout history
plagued with misery
evil not in disguise
it has been our demise
the folly of man,
has no return address
so we might just deal and accept realities mess

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


H.M. Nolan

The air was filled with filth

I was told just to breath

For this disease was not anything

some pill could cure

Confess, confess

You’ll feel better

Butter yourself up with guilt, my dear

So you slide down our throats better

I lost my God, I explained

but it was only because he would not wear

a leash

or stay in one place

They didn’t find me funny

Don’t you see?

I was born to disappoint

Your little smirk will get you nowhere

Repent, repent

You’ll feel better

Should I do this standing?

Or on my knees?

I could really go for a shot of

something, right now

Should I hold my breath

Or should I breath?

Can I have that shot now?

Oh! Ding! Ding! Ding!

So this explains why

I could never seem to find


That and my car keys.

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Paradise crashers

H.M. Nolan

I had fallen

but I never had grace

Lace up your boots, mister

and pound your shit kickers

against god’s barb wired gates

(I think you’re really going to like what comes next)

I rolled around in Eden’s dirt

A fucking talking snake crawled under my skirt

He burrowed something grand and fowl inside of me

I turned to you and said:

There’s some flesh left over from last night’s feast

Put it in your pocket

Put your tongue

into the socket

Pick the locket

between my legs

I’ll take your virginity

and I’ll take a bow

Lick the bloody sweat off of your brow

Be my tormenter,my temptor

my snake

Find my secret weak spot

be my escape

and I’ll paint your toenails purple

your apocalypse

an ocean blue

There’s a new Paradise

on the horizon

a new religion

in this collision

and a crooked little smile in it

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H.M. Nolan

There was hell to pay

I could hear you calling

like a siren

I always knew I’d end up broken

against your rocky shores

I always knew I’d end up

bunking up with the Devil

Our cloven feet tapping out

a desperate tune of




In my mind the sky was falling,

Or I was falling



down town

Where my mouth tasted of ash

and horns were rather fashionable

I’ll smoke my flesh like dainty cigarettes and watch

in wonder

As you wander away

calling after you

When you return

bring back


more sin

or Morrison

This place,

could use the blues.

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No Multitasker

It´s a disaster
when I walk, jump, chew bubble gum,
all that at the same time I´m not that master

meaning plural
I´m the type of Neanderthal rural
so I can only stick with the number pi
they tell me it reaches up and up on to the sky

task, to do something
I  can´t do everything
but if I stick to one thing
molecules, atoms, electrons, protons,
all working together for just one thing
inside my human being

then ,

Just ring the bell
cause I just beat the guy that´s the master in hell.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.